Michelle & Matthew’s Winter Engagement Pictures in North Canton OH – Northeast Ohio Photographers

Michelle and Matthew are seriously troopers!  Saturday we all bundled up for their winter engagement session in Hoover Park.  Michelle was originally hoping for flowers, but unfortunately Ohio’s unpredictable mother nature took a turn and offered us some snowy, 20 degree weather.  As we are primarily wedding photographers, it is so important for us to be able to adapt and adjust quickly to whatever is thrown our way, as wedding days are always unpredictable in nature.  Hoover Park has several different options for trees and shrubbery, so we intermixed some nature, aside from the snow, into their pictures.   Plus, all of our wedding clients have included in their package up to 3 Engagement Sessions, which can work perfectly for pictures in different seasons!

Our next stop (when we needed a few minutes in the car to warm up our frozen toes!) was Bitzer Park in Downtown North Canton.  Bitzer Park, although small, offers a mixture of brick & mortar, and “greenery.”  We only took a few shots at Bitzer since the sun was setting, and the temperature was ever decreasing.

Michelle and Matthew will be holding their wedding at The Old Stone Chapel in Canton, and will have their Reception at The Onesto.  Two very beautiful locations for pictures and a wedding! We are so looking forward to working more with this awesome couple come their wedding in May!

Here are a few of the pictures from their outdoor session.  Leave them some love in the comments below to let them know you stopped by!


Engagement-Session-in-Hoover-Park-North-Canton-Ohio Engagement-pictures-in-Downtown-North-Canton-OH Bitzer-Park-Outdoor-Engagement-Session


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Kerri & Adam’s Downtown Akron OH Engagement Session – Northeast OH Wedding Photographers

Kerri and Adam are planning to potentially take advantage of the three engagement sessions that we offer as a part of our wedding investment! Their second session took place in Downtown Akron starting at the Akron Art Museum. Kerri wanted a session that included the textures, colors, and lines that only a downtown session can offer. We decided to start a few hours before sunset and turn the session into and evening session to give them some variety in their images and a completely different feel. Take a look at some of the fun we had in Downtown Akron!









Kerri & Adam’s Firestone Golf Course Akron OH Engagement Session – Northeast OH Wedding Photographers

In May of 2015, Kerri & Adam will be getting married in Girard, OH at Pleasant Valley Evangelical Church, with their reception in Youngstown, OH to be held at Mr. Anthony’s Banquet Center! They chose to have their first engagement session at Firestone Golf Course in Akron OH as Golf is very important to Adam. This is the first of their 3 engagement sessions as we offer up to 3 engagement sessions with our wedding investment. They are so adorable together and it is evident that they are so in love with each other! We had a fun day filled with driving golf carts, laughing and capturing the moments. Take a sneak peak at how spectacular this couple is:












Jenna & Joe’s Canton OH Wedding – Northeast OH Wedding Photographers – PART 1

Jenna & Joe were married August 9th at Crossroads United Methodist Church (previously Canton Church of the Savior) in downtown Canton. They prepared for their day in their individual Parlor rooms at McKinley Grand Hotel in Canton, just a short 4-minute walk from the church! It was a beautiful day and we had plenty of time prior to the ceremony to capture some candids and detail shots. Jenna and Joe were both great to work with all day long, even under the stresses that can arise with any wedding day. We ended the evening back at the McKinley Grand for their reception (See in Blog Post – Part 2). The evening was filled with plenty of love, dancing and laughter! What a great couple; we wish them the best!

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Jenna & Joe’s Canton OH Wedding – Northeast OH Wedding Photographers – PART 2

This is Part 2 of Jenna & Joe’s Wedding day preview. We took a few posed portraits after the ceremony in downtown Canton. We were limited in time since the party was starting in 20 minutes, but we managed to grab some shots of the couple spending those first few moments together as husband and wife. The reception was gorgeous at McKinley Grand Hotel; they always do a great job putting together events. Visit our blog post Part 1 of Jenna & Joe’s wedding day to see their prep in the Parlor rooms at McKinley Grand, and their ceremony at Crossroads United Methodist Church.

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Practice as a Wedding Photographer – Uniontown, OH Wedding Photographers

As wedding photographers, we are constantly practicing on our off-time in preparation for our clients’ wedding days to make sure that come the big day, we are at our best! Today we received a new Macro lens and were excited to try it out! The Macro lens is perfect for ring and other detail shots taken throughout the wedding day. We wanted to take a moment and share our at-home photoshoot with some of our own rings. Looking forward to using this new lens at our next wedding!!

Uniontown OH Wedding Photographer Hartville OH_01

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Owning a Photography Business – Uniontown Ohio Photographer

Just a tid-bit from the artist:

Owning your own business is hard.  Period.  It definitely has its challenges, most certainly, but it also has its rewards.  The rewards are what keep pressing me forward.

The business portion of a photography business challenges and stretches me.  From learning sales taxes and yearly taxes, keeping track of income and expenses, learning what can even be considered an expense, marketing, advertising, keeping on top of blogging, selling yourself and getting your name out there . . . it’s almost tiresome.   Buying equipment is also extremely expensive, to the point where I could easily go into debt if I wasn’t careful.  Sometimes I can’t believe how much I actually carry around with me at a wedding.  And honestly, even after you pour your heart and soul into it, it’s all a risk.  It’s a risk to put yourself out there and hope for positive response.  To pour every last dime into advertising and sales, and pray that they see your sincerity and love for the art.  It’s a business that can be in flux, and can die off if you let it.

The photography portion, the FUN part, of my business is what helps me to continue to improve myself and strive to make myself into something better than I am. Every. Single. Day.  It’s the artist in me that drives my business and my desire to give my clients the absolute best.  I adore the rush of a wedding day; having the knowledge that what you are doing is extremely important and utilizing the skills and knowledge you’ve obtained to create something beautiful . . . it’s amazing.  It’s seeing the love of the couple and learning their own love story, which every one is unique and special in its own way.  Even the high school seniors I’ve worked with are awesome.  Some that I have worked with want nothing to do with getting senior pictures taken, whether it be because of self-image insecurities, or that they are at the end of their senior year and ready to roll on forward.  I love the challenge that comes with these particular clients. Even more so, I love hearing afterwards that they absolutely adored their images and actually had some fun too!

These are some of the things that keep me going.  Keep me pushing through the expenses, the time spent marketing, blogging, advertising, and having to sell yourself and your work.  It is hard. Period.  But well worth the challenge. Bring it on.


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